Fruit Can Keep You Feeling Full

Fruit Can Keep You Feeling Full

In addition to being low in calories, fruit is also incredibly filling thanks to its water and fiber contents.

Fiber moves through your body slowly and increases digestion time, which leads to a feeling of fullness (11Trusted Source, 16Trusted Source).

Some studies have suggested that fiber can also lead to reductions in appetite and food intake (17Trusted Source).

In one study, eating a high-fiber meal reduced appetite, food intake and blood sugar in healthy men (18Trusted Source).

Other research shows that increased fiber intake can help promote weight loss and reduce the risk of weight and fat gain (19Trusted Source).

A 2005 study found that taking fiber supplements in combination with a low-calorie diet caused significantly greater weight loss than a low-calorie diet alone (20Trusted Source).

Additionally, fruit has a high water content. This allows you to eat a large volume of it and feel full, yet take in very few calories.

One small study found that eating foods with a higher water content led to a greater increase in fullness, lower calorie intake and reduced hunger, compared to drinking water while eating (21Trusted Source).

Due to their high fiber and water contents, fruits like apples and oranges are among the top foods on the satiety index, a tool designed to measure how filling foods are (22Trusted Source).

Incorporating whole fruits in your diet could keep you feeling full, which may help reduce your calorie intake and increase weight loss.


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