People often remove the skins of fruits,

People often remove the skins of fruits,

veggies and chicken when preparing meals.

This is a shame, because so many nutrients are located in the outer layer of produce and in poultry skin. For example, apple skins contain a large amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

In fact, researchers have identified a group of compounds present in apple peels called triterpenoids. They act as potent antioxidants in the body and may have cancer-fighting abilities (6Trusted Source, 7).

Chicken skin is packed with nutrients as well, including vitamin A, B vitamins, protein and healthy fats (8).

What’s more, chicken skin is an amazing source of the antioxidant selenium, which helps combat inflammation in the body (9Trusted Source).

These benefits are not limited to chicken and apple skin. The outer layers of potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, mangoes, kiwis and eggplants are also edible and nutritious.

Not only is eating the skin delicious, it’s economical and reduces your food waste impact.

8. Eat the Yolk
Although most people are moving away from the once-popular low-fat dieting trend, many still avoid egg yolks, opting for egg-white omelets and scrambled egg whites instead.

Avoiding egg yolks mostly stems from the fear that they increase cholesterol levels. Many people assume that eating foods high in cholesterol, like eggs, has a major impact on cholesterol levels.

However, studies have shown that in most people, dietary cholesterol only has a small effect on cholesterol levels (10Trusted Source, 11).

Your liver actually makes the majority of the cholesterol you need and your body closely regulates levels in the blood. When you eat foods that contain a high amount of cholesterol, your liver simply compensates by producing less.

In fact, evidence shows that most people, even those with high cholesterol, can enjoy whole eggs risk-free (12Trusted Source).

What’s more, egg yolks are packed with nutrients, including protein, vitamin A, iron, selenium and B vitamins (13).

If you simply don’t like the taste or texture of egg yolks, you can add them to other recipes to mask the flavor. You can even use yolks as an ultra-moisturizing hair mask.

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